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Spring, Flowers, and Symbolism


Spring has sprung! This season sometimes gets overlooked in Chicago. Yet I have declared it my favorite season since I was a young girl. Spring means: I-spy the first tulip bud, wake up to white blossoms on trees, and breathe in fragrant lilac bushes. The color and new life announces the start of flower season. And how these flowers and blooms brighten days! ūüôā

To add to the celebration of spring’s arrival this year, Matt, my mom, and I sat down with our florist to discuss floral design for our wedding. Karen Daudelin, our florist, is now a dear friend of the Somers family...having created artistic displays for both my sisters’ weddings. As with the first flowers of spring, meeting with her and discussing floral arrangements truly reinvigorated me. After giving a brief overview of our vintage vibe, the creative collaboration began.

lavenderColor palettes, inspiration boards, and floral cards spread the table. Matt and I poured over Karen's floral flip-books. She gave us a book for purple and lavender-hued blooms. Each page/card displayed a picture of the flowers along with its name. The back side of each card gave the fine-print details of seasonal availability and symbolism. Of course, the challenge became to select just some of the gorgeous options. With Karen’s artistic guidance and experience, the arrangements began to take shape.

We are thrilled to have some significance tied into the floral design, pairing succulents with flowers. Not only does this make a stunning contrast, this combination symbolizes the Maldre family’s love of indoor plants (succulents) coming together with the Stark/Somers side’s passion for gardening and flowering plants. We look forward with sweet anticipation to the delivery of Karen’s inspired creations on July 18th!

Coincidentally, many of the flowers we have selected bring added symbolism, according to several florist sites:

  • Iris: the three upright petals of the iris bloom are said to symbolize faith, hope, and wisdom
  • Lavender- virtue and purity
  • Hydrangea: gratefulness and understanding
  • Lisianthus: appreciation
  • Roses: white - innocence and humility; lavender- enchantment and love at first sight
  • Calla Lilies- elegance and purity
  • Succulents- enduring/timeless love

Lisianthus, rose, iris, hydrangea, calla lily, lavender, and succulents

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3 years 8 months ago

There wasn’t a card for succulents, so I photoshopped up a blank page. ūüôā Also, I just realized there is a second card for the lisianthus that has it in a lavender color, in addition to the purple already represented.

3 years 8 months ago

Gorgeous! I had Iris at my May commitment ceremony. I noticed immediately the lack of a card for succulents! I hope Karen took note and is working on including one ūüėČ

3 years 8 months ago

Tom, I hope you took photos! I want to see!

I need to take a screenshot of the pinterest boards Sarah has for the flowers.

3 years 8 months ago

I had a photographer. Everything was shot in black and white. I am sure there is at least one photo of the iris

3 years 6 months ago

I am sorry you missed my party. The album came out … and someone actually brought Dutch Iris! The flower at the ceremony! Sadly they didn’t last very long


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