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A chocolate adventure

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 Valentine's day card with clues

This Valentine's day Sarah gave me three clues via a poem that brought us on a little adventure with a sweet ending.

Clue #1
Says he: Curious... why the secret?
Wondering where we'll go?

Says she: A little mystery never hurt...
But--a hint--for us, this place is appropos

Clue #2
For this little date,
You may need Google translate.

Clue #3
Let's blend our loves together
chocolat et French culture

Oh la la... visitez cette place obscure!

On a frigid Valentine's afternoon, we left for our excursion in the frigid air. Sarah intentionally parked a couple blocks away from our destination, so we wouldn't pass by it driving in the car. Walking down Madison Street in Forest Park, every place became a potential suspect. Todd & Holland Tea Merchants? American Artworks? Cocina De Los Lobos? Pastry's by Kay's? 

We reached a tiny storefront about the size of a walk-in closet with an awning just big enough to display the words "Fine Gourmet Chocolates" Our destination! La Maison de Bonbon.

Me in front of La Maison De Bonbon

Escaping the cold air, we entered the chocolate shop with a two people already inside. The space is so cute, that there was barely enough room for two couples in the store. Once they exited with their purchase, we stepped up to the counter full of chocolate delights. Instead of purchasing a pre-made box, Sarah had me hand select each of the chocolates. YUM! A truly sweet Valentine's day!

La Maison De Bonbon chocolates

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