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Our proposal


June 14, 2014

...Transform like a butterfly
and let your true nature shine

The inspiration

inspiration: text

Butterflies have long captivated me with their transformation story and ability to flutter through life. Incidentally, my mild preoccupation with butterflies came up in first date conversation. I told Matt that my French IV teacher asked us to pick a favorite French word which would become our name. I picked...papillon. Butterfly.

Matt always remembered this butterfly connection throughout our dating years, incorporating them into romantic birthday gifts. Without fail, he also plotted a wonderful-- and whimsical-- proposal that artfully wove together our many loves: butterflies, his public art/origami, Chicago, Oak Park, Catalpa trees, and The Bible.

Pic: Butterflies and flowers

Flowers and origami butterflies on Sarah's birthday, 2012

Flowers and origami butterflies on Sarah's birthday, 2012

Pic: origami butterfly closeup

Notes written on each butterfly

Notes written on each butterfly, 2012

The orchestration

The orchestration

On the Saturday after school ended for summer break, Matt and I planned to go to the Old Town Art Fair. Just before leaving for the L, Matt informed me that there had been a change of plans. At that moment, butterflies danced in my stomach. I knew it was our engagement day!

Matt led me to 14 different locations that hold special significance for us from Lincoln Square, to the Loop, and out to Oak Park. Upon our arrival at each place, we each folded an origami butterfly on special photograph paper that Matt designed in the weeks prior. We then secured the beautiful butterflies in a visible spot, leaving them to transform others’ perception of that space. Before moving on to the next location, Matt shared a Bible passage about steadfast love. Every last detail was considered...Matt even schlepped around his tripod to take a shot of us with our butterflies!

As we made our way to Oak Park, it was twilight. After fluttering around to a few locations, Matt guided me to Scoville Park, a place we frequent and near where we first met. We meandered over to a Catalpa tree and sat down to make the fourteenth pair of butterflies. When Matt read the Bible passage this time, he began to talk of the future. Reaching into his bag, he pulled out a box and asked the question. My response: “Yes, absolutely, yes!”


Pic: sarah folding origami

Sarah folding origami at Henry Vogle Jr. Playlot Park in Chicago

Sarah folding origami at location #4

orchestration: photo

Sarah and Matt at location #8

Sarah and Matt at location #8


more text

What are the 14 locations? What is the significance of each location?

Once every week, we will be posting one of the 14 locations on our blog. Don't miss out on the fun. Get blog post updates from Sarah and Matt every Monday!

more: photo 1

Location 4: Sarah and Matt marriage proposal 2014

Origami placed at location #4

more: photo 2

Psalm 36:7, God's steadfast love is precious

Bible verse shared at location #8

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